Wednesday 23 October 2019

With the recent Blizz/Activision issues... I feel like I'm alone in this

So if we remember back to Nike supporting an NFL player, people started burning Nike apparel. Not only were people burning things they owned, but people were *buying* items to burn... that's still money in the pocket.

Though this isn't identical, I keep that in mind when I see people jumping up and deleting accounts, etc. I do know of two people who recently posted their account deletion within the hour of buying a new game from Blizzard; I am unsure if they're working towards a refund or not, but that did kind of take me asunder.

I know I bought games and they're tied to my account, things that I *own*, so to speak. I am not providing more money for these items, as I have bought them in entirety.

I don't believe that my emotional state related to the executives warrants disbarring myself from things I own, but I am all for stopping playing games until things get rectified.

I will say, if I had any subscription based games, I would cancel that sub in a heartbeat.

Essentially, I believe that money talks, and similar to how I wont spend money on anything EA related, I will no longer be spending money towards Activision and its cohorts (including Blizzard), but I'm not going to "burn" the items that I bought... I may enjoy them, but coming back to them after some of the issues have been resolved, to me, feels like a positive view.

I am hopeful that more people in the entertainment industry will take the stance of Trey and Matt, and when that day comes, you'll see me back, but I can't guarantee I'll ever spend more money in their direction.