Saturday 2 November 2019

Diablo IV cinematic trailer

Fair warning this trailer is nsfw. If you don't like blood don't watch.

Obviously this is a knee-jerk reaction, but this is close to the best thing they've ever made. My other favorites were the real stirring ones that really made me feel something... but this one... yikes... that is a villain's entrance their other games have been missing for a long time.

want her to not be a 'villain' per se... but rather just an antagonist with similar goals to the nephalim. Remember, in the lore, her and Inarius created Sanctuary. I kinda wanna see a story where she is super pissed off at the other prime evils for fucking up her world.

I'm fairly sure while she does care for the nephliem as a mother does, she also has her own plan, if I recall its either to use the nephliem to eliminate the angels, or to eliminate both sides, I believe it was certainly the former, but may have been the later...