Monday 29 June 2020

Happy Birthday Diablo 2 - what is your story with the game?

Today Diablo 2 celebrates its 20th anniversary and my 33th name day (in Poland we celebrate both birthday and name day). I thought that it would be fun to know your stories with the game. My own is below.

I didn't get Diablo 2 on release. I hadn't on that time PC. My parents bought me one just after Christmas 2000. But before I even had PC, my brother bought Diablo 2 from his friends in September 2000. It was the first game I played on my own PC and you could imagine how I was impatience to have a PC and play this game. We played all together offline as in my country internet connection was too expensive at that time. As we were 4 brothers and one sis we played in one schema: one was playing with mouse and using skills, the other one was clicking on health and mana potions. I know how it sounds but 4 brothers wanted to play as much as we could on one PC (our sis had 4 YO and only watched how we play, she always wanted to enjoy the fun with us ). We also haven't any gaming magazine from that year to know the story before we play. I started buying one after my parents bought us a PC. And that's good because we had lots of fun with that.

My parents already passed away and maybe it's weird but when I think about Diablo I'm ALWAYS grateful for their dedication to give us more than they had even that we were poor. Today I work in the gaming industry for game peripherals producer, I have lots of fun as a gaming journalist, was invited by Blizzard to watch BlizzCon live in 2018 (was always my dream to get there) and have a much better life position than my parents that day. And I thank my parents for this PC and values of life they taught us. It changed my life. Diablo changed my life.

Thank you Blizzard!