Thursday 18 June 2020

Six Video Games Where You Can Partake in Plenty of Gambling

Gambling is something that you can find in many video games now and Diablo is no different. When you are playing Diablo you have the chance to buy what seems to be a normal item, but it actually has the chance to be a rare, magical, or unique item that you can then use to improve your equipment and get quality rare weapons and armor. The odds of this happening are quite small, but this is why it is a gamble. Below we are going to take a look at some other video games that have gambling elements to them.

Video Games Where Gambling is Possible

There are plenty of video games that provide their players with mini games that resemble those popular games that you can find at casinos. These mini games give players the chance to satisfy a gambling urge and the need to take risk that hides in many video game players. Below you can find six video games that provide entertaining breaks from the main story by providing casino games where you can win money and prizes to help you along your quest.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Casinos can be found all throughout the GTA games, but San Andreas was the first game of the franchise that has gambling as part of the main storyline. When you are playing this game, you have to try and improve the main player's gambling skills by playing at the casinos that you encounter. For each $100 that you spend, your character's skill levels will improve. The higher your skill level, the more money you can borrow from the casinos (and forget to give back).

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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

When it comes to top-quality games that were released back in 2015, this one sits close to the top of the pile. Its complex story mode and exciting gameplay made it highly addictive and it is now seen as a benchmark when people are talking about innovative gameplay. When you are making your way through the story mode, you will regularly come across a card game called Gwent. In this game you have to play cards and spells to get points. Each game consists of three rounds and one round is won by the play that gets the most points. A round ends when you and your opponent move to the next or you both use all your cards. The first player to win two rounds is the winner and they will receive a keg that holds five cards and they get to select three.

Red Dead Redemption

The same guys who developed the GTA franchise created this game, so it was always bound to be a very big hit. When you are playing this game, you can take a break from the main story and sit down for a few rounds of poker. The great thing about playing poker in Red Dead Redemption is that you can cheat and walk away with much more cash. However, beware, if your fellow players find out that you have been cheating them, you will have to fight for your life. Sometimes, the best policy is just to be an honest person.

Fallout: New Vegas

This game is set in a post-apocalyptic world, but that does not mean that you cannot still enter Las Vegas' famous casinos. However, the casinos are definitely not like they were once back in the good old days. They used to be honest places, but honesty does not exist in this new world, so you will have to keep your wits about you if you do not want to end up losing all of your money. The world is in the doldrums, but you can still place a bet or two - pretty amazing if you ask us.
Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy is the franchise that is responsible for bringing Japanese role-playing games into the Western world. In Final Fantast VIII you will come across a card game that is known as Triple Triad. The game is played out on a 3 by 3 grid and each card has four numbers written on it, with each number corresponding to a certain side of the card. You have to put a card down on an empty spot and compare it with your opponent's card. The player that has the highest number card is the winner and that particular card will turn the color that is representing the winner. The aim is to turn as many cards into your own color.

Super Mario 64

This Nintendo game gives you the chance to visit Luigi's Casino. This gives you a nice break from racing cars, which can become a bit tedious after a while. At this casino you can play table games like poker, blackjack, and roulette. There are also some fun slots that you can enjoy as well. You can gamble without losing any real money too, which is always great.