Monday 19 October 2020

How Knowing Your Playing Style Can Win You Money

There are lots of different ways you can master Diablo III. Depending on the class you choose, the way

you play Diablo can be dramatically different, and most avid fans of the game cycle through characters until they have picked one that matches their playing style. Having an insight into how you play Diablo can help you play a different game – one that involves a wager. That’s because if you use Diablo to develop your strategic brain, you can use that eye for strategy in the Casino.

Like a Grind & Good at Maths?

If you enjoy grinding on Diablo, and if you’re good at keeping track of your stash and stats, you might be quite good at blackjack. That’s because the skills you’re developing while grinding at Diablo are actually well suited to those who grind at blackjack while keeping a careful eye on the number of cards in play. Keeping a count of the cards that have come up can give you an advantage when playing the live version of blackjack that you can find on sites like Unibet online casino. That’s because you can keep a tally of high or low cards that have been played so you know at what stage you can bet – you increase your bets when there have been more low cards that have been played because then you will have a higher chance of scoring highly. This is basic card-counting and, as long as you’re not using a software, is perfectly legal and above-board. Be prepared, though; it’s not like what you see in the movies – it can be a major grind as it only increases your chances of winning by a percent or two.

Excel at PvP & Love the RPG element?

If you love playing a role and you are great at reading people in a PvP battle, you might want to try your hand at poker. Poker is an incredibly varied strategy game that takes a lot of reading to understand fully. If you consider yourself a Diablo geek and consume strategy guides, online tips, and love practicing different strategies, poker isn’t so different. You can work to create the ideal hand range for your playing style (which includes a lot of research on how exactly you play) or even take things up a notch if you have a great memory and try optimising your game by using game theory.

If you’re a big fan of completing bounties, there are similar mechanisms in poker. In one tournament style, each player has a bounty on their head that increases when they knock somebody out. This means that if you’re clever about your strategy and how and when you play, you can take people out of the tournament and win their loot, just like in Diablo III. The good thing about poker is you’re playing against other people, which means there isn’t a house advantage – it’s partly luck and a great deal of strategy – it can be a highly rewarding game to master.