Monday 18 October 2021

It really is like being back in the year 2000

What a timeless troll tactic

Omg I have to try the dupe an item trick.
Step 1. Go in a corner where no one can take your item drop it on the ground.
Step 2. Hover over your item and hold the alt key.
Step 3. Whole holding alt press F1, F2, F3 then F4.

I've cried so hard at memories of evil people doing this to me, literally my prepubescent nightmare. Was 12 and way too trusting of what was my first encounter with online strangers.

Though nothing beats the guy who befriended me for almost a year, constantly doing d2 stuff together so I trusted him, then one day asked me to create a new zon so he could rush me, and asked me to give him all my zon items to transfer and he stole them all. Top tier items I played d2 for months to finally get. My faith in humanity has never been the same since that day.