Friday 19 November 2021

It feels like 95% of all Hell games are trades. We need a game type filter to actually get to play the game.

I'm so annoyed by how the Hell difficultly multiplayer join game lobby is currently designed. I have to constantly scan for a needle in a haystack for games that people are actually killing monsters instead of trades. It feels like 99% games listed in Hell are trades games. I just want to quickly join a game that actually you know... kills monsters.

Yesterday night (Friday) Prime time for gaming I was trying to get through Act 2 Hell with my Hammerdin. I don't have tele so I needed help getting through the maggot lair. I gave up on searching for a "questing" game in the lobby because it was filled with trades games. I made my own Act 2 Hell Help custom game and played for an hour by myself until some random good Samaritan came and gave me a hand. It shouldn't be this difficult in this day and age to join a type of game you want to play.

Normal and nightmare difficultly are awesome because it's filled with people trying to level. So it's easy to enjoy a game of killing monsters. But for Hell difficultly, we really need a game type category filter. For example "Trades", "Questing", "PvP". It'll make finding games so so much easier and enjoyable.