Monday 19 September 2022

How hard is it to level up a hero in Diablo 3, and which hero to choose in 2022

 You want to level up quickly in Diablo 3, yet for whatever reason, you don't care to stop and enjoy the scenery. You've played through the plot multiple times, you're in a hurry to finish a Season before it expires, or you just want to get things done quickly. It's possible you're looking forward to Season 25 so that you can experiment with the new Soul Shard system.


If you are trying to level up and research the hero to choose, you must also consider how much d3 carry cost. Diablo 3 games can be challenging, but if you can navigate and take some of the tips shared, you'll get a quick result and a higher level. 

Strategies for leveling up

  • Via Cursed Chests

With the immense power of Corpse Explosion, one or more Necromancers are relied upon to carry the group through relatively easy Torments (levels 1–6, with some variation based on crafting and gambling luck).

Overwhelming Death and Desperate Attempts to Steal Your Soul Understands the Core Concepts. Necromancers can make up the bulk of the party, or the other characters can play a pseudo-support role, doing all they can to preserve the fragile Necromancer's life.

The name of this strategy gives away its core tenet: the pursuit of Cursed Chest rewards, which generate hordes of foes and play straight into the hands of Corpse Explosion's abilities. After a chest has been opened, party members should each go back to their own game and hunt for other Cursed Chest events to complete.

  • Torment VI Traps Method

Go to the first level of the Halls of Agony and increase the difficulty to Torment VI. The falling blade traps are located close to the map's exit, and you can't really miss them if you don't run and dodge through any enemies that happen to be in your path until you reach them. Once there, your objective would be to lead the monsters toward these enormous clever traps so you could watch them be slain by their own subpar AI, earning you a ton of experience.

If possible, use any crowd control abilities you have (as they become available) on the monsters as soon as they approach the trap. Although this method saves a lot of time, it is also (perhaps) exceedingly boring and counter-intuitive, not to mention prone to errors. It goes without saying that this tactic is unwelcome to hardcore players and will frequently end in your character's demise.

  • Darkening of Tristram Event Method

This tactic is available only in January when the Diablo 1 Anniversary Event goes live. Go to the portal in Act I's Old Tristram waypoint to access it. In essence, this is one very long dungeon that offers better XP gain throughout.

  • Via Massacre Bonus

You might also think about leveling through Massacre bonuses, which is a very effective solo-play tactic. In Patch 2.4.1, the Massacre bonus XP system was changed into a multiplicative experience bonus that rewards you for stringing together monster kills. The bonus starts at 15 enemies killed and can reach a maximum of 500 (for a whopping x4.5 multiplier). This boost only functions outside of Rifts, however.

Choose densely crowded areas like the Cathedral (Act I), Halls of Agony Level 3 (Act I), Fields of Misery (Act I), The Eternal Woods (Act III), and, most importantly, Temple of the Firstborn to successfully pull off long chains of monster kills (Act II). The strategy is to constantly move about while using skills with DoTs or large AoE, leading monster packs into one another, and exploiting cursed chests for monster spawns (Rend Rend for Barbarian, Blessed Hammer for Crusader, Multishot Multishot for Demon Hunter, Wave of Light for Monk, Locust Swarm for Witch Doctors, Disintegrate Disintegrate for Wizards).

While massacre leveling necessitates many game restarts (every 5–10 minutes), it produces some of Diablo 3's fastest leveling, clocking in at under one hour and thirty minutes after you get the hang of it. Leveling by Massacre Bonuses is mostly a solo leveling approach because of its individualized nature and the degree of coordination needed to execute it in a multiplayer game; it is only advised for 2+ people if they are skilled and have vocal communication.

  • Via Rifting

The general advice is to stick to rifts for the 1-70 travel for parties and players who are not worried about losing an hour in the 1-70 race. Increased legendary drop rates, blood shards for gambling, and a substantial "hand-in" bonus are all benefits of rifts. The map layout, monster density, and composition of rifts are all more randomly generated than bounties, but the removal of the Rift Keystone requirement allows you to simply remake if you obtain a bad (difficult or sluggish) rift. Generally, stick to a difficulty that will let you complete rifts in little more than five minutes.

Final Notes

To put it another way, you want to level 70 as quickly as possible so you can begin grinding Paragon Levels. You can level up quickly, and you can level up really fast, so let's speak about both of those options.

Please note that some of these ways need either knowing another Diablo 3 player with a max-level character or already having a max-level character from whom you may transfer items and gold to your lower-level character.