Friday 11 November 2022

Diablo 4 feels nothing like Diablo 3.

Don't think this breaks my NDA by giving a personal feeling and all the info here is already known.

I noticed that people keep calling Diablo 4 a reskin of Diablo 3, yet when I play it, it feels completely different. No more cartoon wow art style, lots of powerful builds you can use in conjunction with your gear, skill tree and paragon tree. 

Legendary/set items don't rain from the sky and even rare items are pretty rare now. Gold actually has a high amount of value since you have a good chance of getting powerful items with it and there is no cap.

The game play also improved from Diablo 3, feels much better and that was really the only highlight of Diablo3. Not to mention the huge amount of content and features the game has along with an open world and huge character customization.

The music also has also brought back the tone of diablo and a lot of it is also memorable.

Diablo 4 feels more akin to Diablo 1 than Diablo2. While the atmosphere is dark in Diablo2, There are far more gruesome things in Diablo4 that you will see that were never in diablo 2. Can't spoiler it here, but its all just really awesome.

Yet, people are calling it a reskin. In that case, you might as well call Diablo2 a reskin of Diablo1 with just faster characters. Its getting ridiculous.