Monday 19 December 2022

Diablo 4 $100 Collector’s Box doesn’t include the game

As the release date for Diablo IV approached, fans of the popular action role-playing game eagerly awaited any news about the highly anticipated fourth installment in the series. When Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of Diablo IV, announced the availability of a collectors box for the game, excitement reached a fever pitch.

The Diablo IV Collector's Box was filled with a host of exclusive items that were sure to delight fans of the game. The box itself was adorned with stunning artwork from the game, and upon opening it, fans were treated to a variety of exclusive items.

One of the standout items in the box was a high-quality Diablo IV art book, featuring beautiful concept art and behind-the-scenes glimpses at the development of the game. The art book was accompanied by a set of five Diablo IV-themed lithographs, perfect for display in any gaming room.

In addition to the art book and lithographs, the collector's box also included a Diablo IV mouse pad, featuring a stylized map of the game's open world. The box also contained a Diablo IV soundtrack CD, featuring music from the game composed by award-winning composer Russell Brower.

Fans of the Diablo series were thrilled with the contents of the collector's box, and it quickly became a sought-after item among collectors. The box was priced at $100, which many fans considered to be a small price to pay for such a collection of exclusive items.

As the release date for Diablo IV approached, the collector's box sold out quickly, leaving many fans disappointed. However, for those lucky enough to get their hands on one, the Diablo IV Collector's Box was a true treasure and a must-have for any fan of the series.