Saturday 7 January 2023

Comprehensive guide to the CRUSADER class in diablo 3

The Crusader is a playable character class in the action role-playing hack-and-slash video game series Diablo. It is the successor to the Paladin class from Diablo II, and was introduced in Diablo III in 2012. The Crusader is a heavily-armored warrior who wields a variety of weapons, including flails, shields, and holy magic, to smite their enemies and protect their allies.

In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about the Crusader class in Diablo III, including its skills, abilities, playstyle, and role in a party. We'll also offer some tips and strategies for playing the Crusader effectively.

Skills and Abilities

The Crusader has access to a wide range of skills and abilities that allow them to fulfill various roles in combat. These skills are divided into four categories: Active Skills, Passive Skills, Laws, and Runes.

Active Skills are abilities that the Crusader can use actively in combat. These skills consume Wrath, which is a secondary resource that the Crusader generates through their attacks and abilities. Some examples of Crusader Active Skills include:
  • Blessed Hammer: Summons a hammer that orbits the Crusader, dealing holy damage to enemies it passes through.
  • Judgment: The Crusader calls down a bolt of lightning, dealing holy damage to enemies in a straight line.
  • Shield Bash: The Crusader charges forward, bashing enemies with their shield and stunning them.

Passive Skills are abilities that are always active and do not need to be manually activated. These skills provide the Crusader with various passive bonuses and improve their overall effectiveness in combat. Some examples of Crusader Passive Skills include:
  • Holy Cause: Increases the damage dealt by the Crusader's holy attacks.
  • Heaven's Fury: Increases the chance to critically hit with the Crusader's holy attacks.
  • Fanaticism: Increases the Crusader's attack speed and movement speed.

Laws are abilities that the Crusader can choose to activate for a limited time. These abilities provide powerful bonuses and effects, but have a long cooldown period. Some examples of Crusader Laws include:
  • Law of Valor: Increases the Crusader's attack speed and movement speed, and grants a chance to generate additional Wrath when attacking.
  • Law of Justice: Causes the Crusader's attacks to radiate holy energy, dealing damage to nearby enemies.
  • Law of Hope: Increases the Crusader's maximum Wrath and grants a chance to heal allies when the Crusader generates Wrath.

Runes are special modifications that can be applied to the Crusader's skills, altering their properties and effects. Each skill has a number of different Runes that can be applied, allowing the Crusader to customize their abilities to fit their playstyle.

Playstyle and Role

The Crusader is a versatile class that can fulfill various roles in combat. They excel at both single target and AoE (area of effect) damage, and can also provide support to their allies through healing and crowd control.

One of the key strengths of the Crusader is their ability to tank, or soak up damage on behalf of their allies. They have a high amount of hit points and armor, and can use their abilities to mitigate damage and control enemy aggression. This makes them well-suited to the role of party leader, drawing the attention of enemies away from their more vulnerable allies.

The Crusader also has a variety of abilities that allow them to deal holy damage, which is effective against many types of enemies in Diablo III. They can use these abilities to focus down single targets, or to clear out hordes of weaker enemies.

When playing as a Crusader, it is important to carefully manage your Wrath resource. Many of your most powerful abilities consume Wrath, so you'll want to make sure you have enough Wrath available to use them effectively. You can generate Wrath through your attacks and certain abilities, and you can also use your passive skills to increase your maximum Wrath and your ability to generate it.

In addition to managing your Wrath, it is also important to choose the right skills and abilities for the situation. The Crusader has a wide range of skills to choose from, and it's up to you to decide which ones are best for a given encounter. For example, you might want to use abilities that deal holy damage to take down undead enemies, or skills that stun and control crowds of enemies when facing a large group of foes.

Tips and Strategies

Here are a few tips and strategies for playing the Crusader effectively:

  • Use your laws and abilities that grant bonus Wrath generation wisely. These abilities can help you maintain a steady supply of Wrath, allowing you to use your more powerful abilities more frequently.
  • Take advantage of your passive skills that increase your critical hit chance. The Crusader's holy attacks are particularly effective when they critically hit, so try to position yourself to maximize your chances of scoring a critical hit.
  • Use your crowd control abilities to keep enemies at bay. The Crusader has several abilities that can stun, knock back, or otherwise disable enemies, allowing you to create some breathing room and reposition yourself as needed.
  • Don't be afraid to use your healing abilities to support your allies. The Crusader has several skills that can restore hit points to themselves and their allies, which can be especially useful when facing tough bosses or long dungeon runs.
  • Experiment with different skill builds and runes to find what works best for you. The Crusader has a lot of flexibility in terms of skills and abilities, so don't be afraid to try out different combinations and see what works best for your playstyle.


The Crusader is a formidable class in Diablo III, with a wide range of skills and abilities that allow them to fulfill multiple roles in combat. Whether you're tanking for your party, dealing holy damage to your enemies, or providing support to your allies, the Crusader has something to offer. With careful resource management, the right skills and abilities, and a bit of strategy, the Crusader can be a powerful force on the battlefield.