Sunday 4 June 2023

A Cautionary Tale for Diablo 4 Players: Petting Dogs Might Not Always End Well


In the much-anticipated fourth installment of the Diablo franchise, players are in for a treat - and a potential heartbreak. Diablo 4 introduces a wholesome and fun interaction: petting dogs. However, this seemingly innocent interaction might have unexpected consequences for both players and their canine companions​​.

The idea of petting dogs in video games has captured the hearts of many players across the globe. In fact, there is even a Twitter account, @CanYouPetTheDog, dedicated solely to tracking this feature in various games. In Diablo 4, the option to pet dogs was confirmed via social media last February. To interact with a dog, players need to approach it, pull up the emote wheel, and select "Hello". This action not only allows the player to pet the dog but also prompts the dog to follow the player's character around​​.

During Diablo 4's early access and open beta, many players enjoyed petting dogs and cats in the game. However, a Reddit user named Truesilverchamp discovered a heartbreaking twist: if a dog follows a player's character out of town, it can potentially meet an untimely demise. This revelation came as a shock to many in the gaming community, adding a layer of emotional depth and unexpected guilt to the gameplay​​.

To avoid such tragic outcomes, players have found a solution. By pulling up the emote wheel near the dog and selecting "Wait", the dog will stay put, ensuring its safety while the player ventures out to battle demons. This has provided a way for players to care for their in-game pets while avoiding any guilt over their potential deaths​​.

However, the possibility of multiple dogs following a player at the same time has made some think twice before petting every dog they encounter. Diablo 4, true to its brutal and intense nature, doesn't fail to remind players that they're venturing into perilous territories, even when it comes to interacting with in-game pets​​.

For those who can't resist the allure of having a pet companion, there's some good news. During Diablo 4's beta period last March, players could unlock a wolf pet cosmetic. Unlike the dogs, this wolf companion is immune to death. The wolf pet cosmetic, once unlocked, will be carried over to Diablo 4's full release on June 6th. This means players can enjoy the company of a sleeping wolf pup on their backs while they slash their way through hordes of demons and monsters. If that's not enough, the Druid class offers the thrilling ability to transform into a wolf or a bear​1.

Diablo 4, set to be available from June 6th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series S/X, continues to surprise and engage its players with novel interactions and features. It reminds us that while it offers brutal battles and intense challenges, it can also deliver heartwarming and wholesome experiences - though sometimes with a twist​1.