Wednesday 14 June 2023

Diablo 4 Power Leveling Guide: Reaching Level 50 in Under an Hour


Leveling new characters in "Diablo IV" can be a bit of a grind. However, a remarkably efficient method has been developed that allows you to power level your characters and jump straight into the game's higher World Tiers and endgame content without having to play for dozens of hours first.

This guide will show you how to go from level 1 to level 50 in under an hour, provided you meet a couple of prerequisites. First, you must have completed the campaign at least once. This allows you to choose the "Skip Campaign" option when creating a new character. Second, you need a high-level friend who can help you out for about an hour.

Getting Started

Start by creating a new character of your choice and choosing the "Skip Campaign" option. Begin your adventure on World Tier 2. Invite your high-level friend to your party and enter the Cathedral of Light capstone dungeon located in Kyovashad. Since there's an unlimited range for sharing XP while in a group, you can sit at the entrance of the dungeon while your friend rushes through and completes it. This will enable you to soak up all the XP, setting you well on your way to level 50. After the dungeon run, leave the dungeon, turn in the quest by inspecting the World Tier statue in Kyovashad, and then change the difficulty to World Tier 3​.

Advancing to World Tier 4

The process to unlock World Tier 4, the game's current maximum difficulty level, is similar. Travel to the Fallen Temple capstone dungeon located in the Dry Steppes. An easier way to reach the Fallen Temple is by having your high-level friend travel there first, then you can teleport to them using a portal while in a main city. Just like before, sit at the entrance of the dungeon while your friend clears it. After that, return to Kyovashad to change the difficulty to World Tier 4​​.

Reaching Level 50

Now that you've unlocked World Tier 4, you'll receive significantly more XP from monsters. At this point, you can choose any dungeon for your high-level friend to run through until you reach your desired level or until they grow tired of carrying you. A fast and efficient dungeon to clear is the Champion's Demise located in Dry Steppes, but you can also choose dungeons that reward Grim Favors for the Tree of Whispers. Though completing the favors might be a slower process, you'll end up with more resources and hopefully some better gear.

Throughout this process, you don't need to follow your friend through the dungeons to claim powerful items. Any legendary or unique items that drop during your dungeon farming are automatically sent to your stash after each run, so you don't have to manually pick them up once the dungeon is cleared​.

Maximizing Efficiency

There's another trick to farming dungeons efficiently. Normally, a completed dungeon takes a few minutes to reset, but you can speed this up. Leave the dungeon, then log out and back in to quickly reset the dungeon. If you're in a group, all members should leave the group, including the party leader. Then, the party leader can enter the dungeon solo and re-invite everyone to the dungeon, which will then be reset.

By following this method, you can reach level 50 in "Diablo IV" in under an hour. Happy power-leveling!​​.