Sunday 11 June 2023

Elevating Your Diablo 4 Gameplay: Two Essential Gear Settings to Change Now

 The Blizzard’s latest iteration of its legendary franchise, Diablo 4, has brought a plethora of new elements to its already intricate gameplay mechanics. While the game's depth can be an exciting exploration for many, it may also seem like an information overload for new players. Between navigating dozens of stats, affixes, gems, and percentages, players may find it challenging to discern which settings can significantly enhance their gameplay experience. However, there are two key gear settings that stand out for their usefulness, particularly when it comes to farming for gear​1​.

Amplify Your Insight with Advanced Tooltip Information

The first of these two settings is the "Advanced Tooltip Information." It may initially seem elusive as to what this setting implies, but once activated, it can drastically change your gear management approach. This setting reveals the possible range of stat values for each stat on an item, effectively allowing you to discern whether an item is a high-quality roll or a subpar one based on where these values fall.

This feature proves particularly handy when dealing with Affixes. Affixes with max points or percentages are the ones you'll want to extract, especially if you choose not to use the item itself due to unsuitable stats. In essence, the Advanced Tooltip Information becomes an indispensable tool when determining which gear to retain or discard​.

Maximize Your Gains with Advanced Tooltip Compare

The second setting, "Advanced Tooltip Compare," enhances your gear switching decisions by providing a comprehensive view of what you gain and lose when transitioning from one item to another. For instance, if a legendary item offers additional ranks to a specific skill and you're considering switching to a different item, this setting reminds you of the potential benefits you're about to forfeit, ensuring that you don't overlook critical aspects.

Since implementing these two settings, many players, including those who consider themselves more casual, have reported a significant improvement in build crafting. Instead of having to memorize all the maximum and minimum values for various stats and Affixes, these settings present all the necessary information on the screen. As a result, players gain a clearer understanding of what is beneficial for their character build, thus optimizing their gameplay. Despite the increased information on the screen, once you grasp and utilize these settings, you might wonder how you ever managed without them​.


Diablo 4, with its rich gameplay mechanics, offers a myriad of settings that can be overwhelming, especially for new players. However, the Advanced Tooltip Information and Advanced Tooltip Compare are two settings that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience, particularly when it comes to gear management and build crafting. Therefore, whether you're a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the Diablo franchise, these settings are definitely worth exploring to elevate your Diablo 4 journey.