Friday 2 June 2023

Unusual 'Invalid License' Issue Plaguing Diablo IV Players on PS5: A Temporary Fix Comes at a Price


Diablo IV, currently in early access, has been hit with an unusual error that has left many PS5 players unable to access the game. The issue doesn't involve traditional problems like server overloads or queue issues, but instead revolves around licensing verification​​.

Players trying to log into the game have encountered a screen message stating, "Unable to find a valid license for Diablo IV." Ordinarily, this error should only appear if Blizzard couldn't validate the purchase license. However, it's currently affecting many users who have evidently paid for the game​.

This issue became so prevalent that within an hour of launch, Blizzard acknowledged the problem on both Twitter and the game's forums. They reassured players that they were investigating the situation and would provide updates as more information became available. While PS5 players bore the brunt of the issue, isolated reports also indicated similar problems among Xbox users​​.

Interestingly, some players have found a temporary workaround. As players were endlessly attempting to log in, a few stumbled upon a solution that required a $1.99 currency purchase within the game's store. This action seemed to "kick" something in the backend, allowing some players to gain access to the game. This solution does not guarantee access, and players are cautioned against spending more money on a game they have already purchased​.

This issue comes amidst the Early Access launch of Diablo IV. As the game prepares for its official launch next week, it remains uncertain whether this problem will persist or recur. If there was ever a time for last-minute adjustments behind the scenes, this would seem to be it​​.

In a subsequent update, some users reported that downloading a free item or program from the PlayStation Store also served as a workaround. Thus, PS5 users who are still facing difficulties and are reluctant to spend an additional $2 have another potential solution to try​.

This unusual issue highlights the complexities of modern game launches, where problems can arise from unexpected quarters. As Blizzard continues to investigate and work towards a resolution, Diablo IV players are hoping for a swift end to this 'invalid license' issue.