Saturday 3 June 2023

Where and When Do You Get Your Horse in Diablo 4?


Diablo 4's introduction of horses has brought an exciting new feature to the franchise's latest release. The horse, while nonexistent in previous games, has become a central element of Diablo 4's expansive map. For players eagerly questioning, "Where the hell is my horse?" you may be surprised to learn that acquiring your steed involves a bit of patience​.

The answer lies in the game's six-act structure. You won't get your horse until the beginning of Act 4, a stage that follows the notably lengthy Act 3. The quest that will lead you to your horse is titled "Mount: Doran’s Favor," which marks the start of Act 4. This quest will bring you to Kyovashad, a location you'll become well-acquainted with, and where you'll finally receive your horse. Once this task is completed with one character, all other characters on your account will have access to the horse from the start of their playthroughs, eliminating the need to repeat the process​​.

The horse is not just a convenient mode of transportation, but also a key feature for microtransaction cosmetics in Diablo 4. The game allows players to obtain different kinds of horses, all of which function the same in gameplay terms. Additionally, players can earn adornments for their horses. For instance, during the beta, players who defeated the World Boss were rewarded with the Ashava horn. It's worth noting that there will likely be non-horse mounts introduced in the future, and some adornments may also be sold as part of the game's microtransactions​​.

Despite its function as a speedy mode of transportation, the necessity of the horse has been questioned. Some players have noted the oddity of sprinting past mobs of enemies to reach different locations. The presence of numerous fast-travel points has led some to suggest that more waypoints could have made the horse a non-essential feature. Moreover, horses can't be used in dungeons or interior quest areas, which still require traditional combat to progress. Nevertheless, it's anticipated that horse cosmetics will serve as a significant revenue driver for Blizzard​​.

In the end, the horse in Diablo 4 offers an exciting novelty in the well-loved franchise. Whether it's the thrill of acquiring your steed, adorning it with earned cosmetics, or simply traversing the game's vast landscape, the horse introduces a fresh dynamic to the Diablo universe.