Monday 3 July 2023

Diablo 4: The Call for a World Tier 5 in Season 1


Blizzard's "Diablo 4" is a game that's kept players on their toes since its release. As we stand on the brink of the reveal of Season 1, with its new storyline and battle pass, it's time to consider a critical adjustment that could keep the game engaging for its player base - the introduction of World Tier 5​​.

Diablo 4's difficulty curve has been a topic of conversation among players, especially those who have reached higher levels in the game. Once a player reaches level 75 or higher in World Tier 4, they start to experience a peculiar shift in the game's difficulty. The game doesn’t necessarily become more challenging - rather, it becomes "weird". The real challenge becomes pushing oneself to enter higher-level Nightmare Dungeons that dramatically overlevel the enemies. Some players are currently navigating dungeons that are 15-20 levels higher than their character, pushing the limits of their capabilities​​.

The rest of the game, however, doesn't follow this difficulty trend. World Tier 4 World Bosses can be defeated in mere seconds, and Legion events see massive groups of enemies fall before players can even cast more than one or two skills. Furthermore, rewards from other game elements such as the Tree of Whispers and Helltides don't seem to scale appropriately with difficulty. Helltides, for instance, are always only two levels above the player, which doesn't present much of a challenge, especially for higher-level players who regularly take on the more challenging Nightmare Dungeons​​.

This leads us to the argument for a World Tier 5, or even Tiers 6 and 7. Such an addition would allow the rest of the game world to scale dramatically, maintaining its relevance in the endgame. This isn't just a consideration for the highest-level players (those at level 90-100), but it's an issue that arises well before reaching those levels. In a World Tier 5, enemies should ideally be at least ten levels higher than the player. This would still offer a somewhat easy Nightmare Dungeon level for most, but it would serve as a more appropriate challenge in other areas of the game. The current state of the game, with most enemies at the player's level or just two levels above, doesn't align with the way Diablo's difficulty typically functions, pushing players to focus predominantly on Nightmare Dungeons​​.

It would be refreshing to see other elements of the game, such as Helltides, regain their former challenge. Currently, players can breeze through these elements, gathering the rewards and moving on without much struggle​​.

While Nightmare Dungeons provide their own form of enjoyment, it's important for the rest of the game to remain engaging. The risk is finding ourselves in another "Greater Rift" situation where there's little else to do. The thrill of experiencing a variety of endgame activities after completing the campaign was a significant part of the game's appeal. However, these activities quickly become irrelevant as players ramp up their power, leaving Dungeons as the primary focus. The hope is that the introduction of Season 1 can bring about a change that reinvigorates these aspects of the game​​.

Diablo 4 is a dynamic game that continues to evolve, and as we anticipate the launch of Season 1, the introduction of a World Tier 5 could be a step in the right direction, providing a more balanced and rewarding gaming experience. Only time will tell if Blizzard heeds the call from its community.