Friday 21 July 2023

Diablo 4's Sorcerers Face a Tough Week: New Ultra-Rare Item Induces Motion Sickness


The Sorcerer class in Diablo 4, the popular action role-playing game developed by Blizzard Entertainment, has had a challenging week. Following a significant nerfing of defensive stats, the Sorcerer class, once a formidable glass cannon, has been reduced to a pile of shattered glass. The nerfing has disproportionately affected the Sorcerers, with no compensatory buffing of their barrier generation or stats.

Adding to the woes of the Sorcerer class is the introduction of a new ultra-rare unique item, The Oculus, a rare wand. While the item might seem like a boon at first glance, offering the teleport enchantment for free and replacing the evade with a short-range teleport, it has proven to be a literal headache for players. The Oculus teleports the player to a completely random location, causing a disorienting and potentially nauseating experience.

The game's camera, which is closely tied to the ground, is not designed for rapid short-range teleportation. The absence of a visual effect to break up the jumps results in a jarring slow-down after each teleport, creating a stop-and-start rollercoaster effect that has left some players feeling dizzy and nauseous.

The reaction from the player community has been mixed. Some players have expressed their discomfort, with one user commenting, "Got dizzy just by watching this clip, imagine playing hours like this." Another user humorously noted, "Lmfao, I literally burst into laughter. This shit is hilariously terrible." However, a few players seem to appreciate the absurdity of the ultra-rare unique's effect, with one stating, "it’s so fucking absurd I kind of like it."

The introduction of The Oculus comes on the heels of other unpopular changes from the latest patch, which increased the cost of certain Hellfire Event chests, reduced player damage across the board, and added an additional 2 seconds to the teleporting out of a dungeon process.

As the Sorcerer class heads into Season 1, they face a challenging landscape. Their class has been weakened, the game has slowed down, and their new unique item has the potential to induce motion sickness. It remains to be seen how these changes will impact the player experience and whether the defensive versions of the Malignant Hearts will offer some relief. For now, Sorcerers are left grappling with a game that seems to be increasingly challenging and less enjoyable.