Monday 25 September 2023

Diablo 4 Faces Content Drought: Loyal Content Creators Departing

Diablo 4, the latest entry in the renowned Diablo series, is currently facing a significant challenge. Despite its highly anticipated release and initial buzz, the game is now experiencing a content drought, leading to concerns within its dedicated community. Notably, some of the game's most loyal content creators are hinting at moving on, raising eyebrows and sparking debates about the game's future.

Raxxanterax's Departure Shakes the Community

One of the most prominent figures in the Diablo streaming community, Raxxanterax, has been a dedicated content creator for the Diablo series, streaming every day for the past four years. With nearly 500k followers across Twitch and YouTube, Raxxanterax's commitment to the game is undeniable. He even set an ambitious goal for himself: to stream every day for a decade.

While Raxxanterax spent most of those four years streaming Diablo 3, the sequel, Diablo 4, hasn't managed to sustain his passion for the franchise. On September 22, he uploaded a video titled "My Future as a content creator," which sent shockwaves through the Diablo 4 community. In the video, Raxxanterax candidly shared his feelings about Diablo 4 and its current state. He expressed his disappointment, stating, "It's no secret that Diablo 4 has not lived up to expectations." He further elaborated on the game's lack of engaging content, mentioning that "in the current iteration of the game there's really not much to do," and he believes it will take Blizzard a significant amount of time to rectify the issues with Diablo 4.

Despite his critiques, Raxxanterax reassured his fans that he has no plans to stop streaming altogether. He remains committed to his goal of streaming daily for ten consecutive years. However, he did hint at exploring other games like Last Epoch or Path of Exile, especially with the upcoming release of PoE2, which poses a significant challenge to Diablo 4.

Community Reactions

The community's response to Raxxanterax's video was mixed but understanding. Many fans expressed their sadness but acknowledged the game's current shortcomings. A top comment on a Reddit post linking to Raxxanterax's video read, "Game sucks and is boring."

Raxxanterax isn't the only content creator expressing dissatisfaction with Diablo 4. Popular streamer Asmongold also voiced his decision to move on from the game, citing a lackluster season 1 update as a primary reason for his departure.

Hope for the Future?

Despite the mounting criticism and departures of key content creators, Blizzard's developers remain optimistic about Diablo 4's future. They claim that showcasing all the new content for Diablo 4's Season 2: Season of Blood would require approximately four hours. This statement suggests that there might be substantial content updates on the horizon.


The departure of loyal content creators like Raxxanterax from Diablo 4 underscores the challenges the game currently faces. While initial excitement surrounded its release, a content drought and unmet expectations have led to disillusionment among its player base. However, with promises of substantial updates in the future, there's hope that Blizzard can turn things around and reignite the passion within the Diablo community.