Tuesday 5 September 2023

Diablo 4 to Feature Annual Expansions, Confirms General Manager Rod Fergusson


In a recent interview with Dexerto, Diablo 4 General Manager Rod Fergusson confirmed that Blizzard Entertainment is planning "annual expansions" for the game. This announcement comes as a significant update for Diablo fans who have been eagerly awaiting more content since the game's launch. Here's a closer look at what this means for the future of Diablo 4.

The Need for More Content

Since the release of Diablo 4, players have been clamoring for additional content. While the game's seasonal releases, such as the "Season of the Malignant," have provided some new challenges and opportunities for character builds, players are hungry for more substantial expansions. Previous expansions for Diablo 2 and Diablo 3, namely "Lord of Destruction" and "Reaper of Souls," were well-received, setting high expectations for Diablo 4's future content.

A Glimpse into Diablo's Future

When asked about the long-term plans for Diablo 4, Fergusson mentioned "quarterly seasons" and "annual expansions," giving players a glimpse into how Blizzard is structuring the Diablo calendar. The team sees the launch of the game and its first season as a foundation upon which they can build for years to come. Fergusson emphasized that they have plans and storylines that extend well into the future, indicating a strong commitment to the game's longevity.

Comparisons to Destiny 2

The proposed release cadence of four quarterly seasons and an annual expansion for Diablo 4 is similar to that of Destiny 2. While this comparison is speculative, it does suggest that Blizzard may be aiming for a consistent and robust content rollout to keep players engaged.

Potential Release Timing

Although game development timelines can change, the phrasing of the interview suggests that Blizzard could be aiming for an expansion release in the summer of next year. This would align with a year from the game's initial release, fitting the "annual expansions" model.


The confirmation of annual expansions for Diablo 4 is exciting news for fans of the franchise. It not only promises more content but also indicates Blizzard's commitment to supporting the game for years to come. As the gaming community looks forward to these expansions, it's clear that Diablo 4 is setting itself up to be a long-term fixture in the action RPG landscape.