Wednesday 20 September 2023

Diablo 4's Dungeon Dilemma: Players Demand More Freedom


The gaming community is no stranger to voicing their opinions, and when it comes to beloved franchises like "Diablo," the stakes are even higher. Recently, "Diablo 4" players have expressed growing discontent with the game's dungeon objectives, urging developers to reconsider their approach.

The Heart of the Matter

The crux of the issue revolves around the game's dungeon objectives, which many players find restrictive. A post on Reddit by a player named JavascriptDeveloper on September 18th encapsulated the community's frustration. The player lamented the inability to carry two cubes simultaneously in the dungeon, a seemingly minor inconvenience that has become a significant pain point for many.

A Call for Change

The overarching sentiment is clear: players want more freedom in how they approach dungeons. The current mechanics, which dictate specific objectives and tasks, have been labeled as "awful" by the community. The desire is for a more open-ended experience where players can decide their path and strategy.

One player aptly summarized the sentiment, suggesting that "less is more." They believe that if developers allowed players to tackle dungeons in their preferred manner, it would enhance the overall gaming experience. Whether a player wishes to rush straight to the boss or methodically eliminate every enemy, the choice should be theirs.

The Backtracking Blues

A significant gripe among players is the excessive backtracking required in many dungeons. A glaring example is when players are tasked with delivering two objects to a pedestal but can only carry one at a time. This design forces players to retrace their steps repeatedly, detracting from the core gameplay experience. Instead of immersing themselves in the rich world of "Diablo 4" and engaging in thrilling battles, players find themselves bogged down by tedious fetch quests.

Balancing Priorities

While some players advocate for complete freedom, others highlight the importance of balance. For instance, if a player chooses to rush the boss, they might trade experience points for loot. Such decisions can add depth to the gameplay, allowing players to weigh their priorities and make strategic choices.


"Diablo 4" is a title with immense potential, and its dedicated player base is a testament to its allure. However, as the recent feedback suggests, there's room for improvement. By listening to the community and making necessary adjustments, developers can ensure that "Diablo 4" remains a cherished title in the gaming world. After all, at the heart of every great game is the freedom to play it your way.