Tuesday 26 September 2023

Diablo 4's Itemization Dilemma: Players Demand Overhaul and Loot Filter


As "Diablo 4" approaches the conclusion of its inaugural season, the gaming community is growing increasingly vocal about the game's perceived shortcomings. While some players argue that "Diablo Immortal" offers a superior experience due to its additional features, the primary concern for many "Diablo 4" enthusiasts revolves around the game's itemization system.

Comparing Diablo 4 and Diablo Immortal

"Diablo Immortal" has garnered praise for its inclusion of the Castle Defense mode and the Dungeon Finder feature, both of which enhance the base game and endgame content. In contrast, "Diablo 4" has been criticized for lacking similar innovative features, leading some players to believe that the fourth mainline installment is falling short of expectations.

The Heart of the Matter: Itemization

The crux of the issue for many players is the game's itemization system. A recent post on Reddit by user mfa_sammerz inquired about the one feature players would like Blizzard to prioritize in "Diablo 4". The user expressed a personal desire for a loot filter, citing the frustration of sifting through predominantly subpar items as a deterrent from fully enjoying the game.

This sentiment was echoed by numerous other players, with one commenting, "Revamped itemization or [the] game is dead for me." The significant support for this viewpoint, as evidenced by the hundreds of upvotes, indicates a shared frustration among a substantial portion of the player base.

Another user succinctly summarized the overarching sentiment, stating that many of "Diablo 4's" persistent issues can be traced back to itemization-related challenges. They elaborated, "Items are bad. It feels bad to get loot. It’s a chore even seeing what loot you picked up. The whole system of itemization should be the only focus of the devs."

A Potential Solution: Loot Filter

While a comprehensive overhaul of the itemization system would undoubtedly be a time-intensive endeavor, some players believe that the introduction of a loot filter could serve as an interim solution. This feature would alleviate the tedium of continually sorting through undesirable "trash items."

In response to the community's feedback, "Diablo 4" General Manager Rod Fergusson confirmed in August that the development team would address the loot filter requests. However, a specific timeline for the feature's implementation remains undisclosed. Whether a broader itemization revamp is in the pipeline is still a matter of speculation.


The "Diablo 4" community's fervent calls for an improved itemization system underscore the importance of player feedback in shaping the trajectory of game development. As Blizzard navigates the challenges and critiques presented by its player base, the hope is that forthcoming updates will enhance the overall gaming experience and address the prevailing concerns.