Tuesday 3 October 2023

Elon Musk Tests Twitter's Streaming Capabilities with Diablo IV


In a surprising crossover between tech and gaming, Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, took to Twitter to test its video game livestreaming capabilities. On October 2, Musk streamed his gameplay of "Diablo IV," specifically tackling the game's challenging Tier 100 Nightmare dungeon. The event was notable not just for Musk's participation but also for the insights it provided into Twitter's potential as a streaming platform.

Musk's Foray into Gaming Livestreaming

Musk's decision to stream on Twitter followed his earlier announcement in September, where he expressed interest in exploring video game livestreaming on the platform. For this test, Musk created a burner account, @cyb3rgam3r420, and showcased his unique lighting setup, which consisted of a few candles in a dimly lit room, intended to provide "atmosphere."

During the stream, Musk played a werewolf Druid character named "IWillNvrDie." Despite the confident name, Musk faced a few in-game deaths in subsequent streams on his main account. His character predominantly used Earth skills, such as "Claw" and the "Earthern Bulwark" shield. He also equipped his character with gear that synergized well with his Storm Wolf build, including the "Greatstaff of the Crone."

Technical Challenges on Twitter's Platform

While Musk's initial test stream appeared satisfactory, his official stream faced several technical issues. Musk's audio was distorted, making him sound like a chipmunk due to a frequency increase by 4 kHz. Additionally, the video quality was compromised with screen flickering, rendering the gameplay almost unwatchable.

Unlike established streaming platforms like Twitch or YouTube, Twitter's streaming does not display live comments on the screen. This limitation led Musk to frequently pause his gameplay to check comments on his phone, at one point remarking, "Chat room too full, ha ha ha ha."

By the end of his session, Musk acknowledged that Twitter has significant improvements to make if it wishes to compete in the livestreaming arena.

Balancing Act: Business, Gaming, and Personal Life

Musk's decision to delve into gaming and test Twitter's streaming capabilities raises questions about how the entrepreneur manages his time. Juggling multiple businesses, gaming, and personal commitments seems like a Herculean task. Recent court records indicate that Grimes (Claire Boucher), Musk's ex-girlfriend and mother to three of his children, has sued him for parental rights, adding another layer to his multifaceted life.


Elon Musk's "Diablo IV" stream on Twitter was more than just a gaming session. It highlighted the potential and limitations of Twitter as a streaming platform and provided a glimpse into the personal interests of one of the world's most influential tech moguls. As the lines between technology, entertainment, and personal lives continue to blur, such events remind us of the ever-evolving nature of the digital age.