Monday 30 October 2023

Music game FNF - Friday Night Funkin

The game Friday Night Funkin was released in October 2020. It was developed by one programmer specifically for the competition. It is noteworthy that the creator of the creation spent just one weekend to make a game that hundreds of thousands loved. The popularity of FNF came largely due to its simple plot and even simpler controls. Who should try playing FNF? We dare to say that it is recommended for everyone to play first, since there are no analogues in the world that can make such a loud statement and force the user to spend hours in the game. A site with 1000+ FNF online mods available to all users for free.

Simplicity of the plot

According to the plot, the main character, who is also a boy in a cap named Boyfriend, has met his love and is now trying to win her heart. However, to be able to do this, you will have to learn to sing like a real rock star. By the way, the real star is Daddy Girlfriend, who is against his and Boyfriend’s romance. To prove the purity of your intentions and show the father that BF is able to protect his daughter, you need to fight in a musical battle. It is necessary to defeat not only Dad, but also Mommy, as well as other opponents standing on the way to the heart of the GF.

Ease of operation

The controls in the game deserve special attention. In the modern world it is difficult to find a game where only 4 buttons are used for control. The user can use the keyboard arrows or the "WASD" keys. What are these buttons for and when to press them? Everything is simple here. You need to wait for the moment when two identical arrows on the screen touch and are on the same level. That is why you need to carefully monitor the moving figures and fully control your nimble fingers so as not to make mistakes. For each correct click, the Boyfriend will receive rating points, like in karaoke. The more points the better, but this does not mean that victory is close. You can only win if the player can hold out until the end of the song. The game will automatically award a certain number of points for each correct and incorrect press. For example, if a button is clicked at perfect timing, the user will receive 350 points, but otherwise their number may drop to 10 or even go negative. It is important not to let the rating scale change to the color of your opponent, because then the game will end in defeat and you will have to start over.

Diversity in FNF

The FNF games don't end with a few weeks from the classic version. Of course, there are a lot of different tracks, locations and even antagonists, but if you start playing mods online, you can see that this is just the tip of the iceberg. Modifications will add even more songs to the game, as well as such familiar and beloved characters as SpongeBob, Henry Stickmin, Shrek and many others. All of them will act as opponents for Boyfriend, and sometimes the player will be asked to take control of other characters besides the main one. Downloading FNF and mods for it is just the beginning. You need to learn how to make precise taps and listen carefully to the beat in order to win the musical battle and prove that you are the king of rap duels. To get motivated and definitely defeat anyone and everyone standing in your way, it is important to remember a girl named Girlfriend. This cute lady will agree to be with you only if you defeat Daddy, Mommy, Shrek, Tank Man and other antagonists. Just click on the arrows on your keyboard and try not to miss in order to achieve your goal and become the one for the cute girl sitting on the speaker.