Wednesday 11 October 2023

Survive the Sinister Haunts in Diablo Immortal's Hallow's Wake Event


Blizzard Entertainment's Diablo Immortal is set to immerse players in a chilling atmosphere with the introduction of the Hallow's Wake event. This limited-time spectacle is filled with frightful encounters, undead hordes, and a plethora of rewards awaiting the brave souls who dare to venture into the heart of the event.

Hallow's Wake: A Night of Terror

From October 18 to November 2, the boundary separating the living from the dead becomes perilously thin. During this period, players of level 30 and above will be challenged to eliminate ghoulish goblins, vengeful spirits, and purify haunted rifts. In return, they can earn Hallowed Stones, which can be exchanged for various rewards:

  • 10 Hallowed Stones: The Fist Bump animated Emoji and a random Legendary item.
  • 20 Hallowed Stones: The Frightening Rod Cosmetic and a Telluric Pearl.
  • 30 Hallowed Stones: A random Costume Chest, a Legendary Crest, and a random Legendary item.

Players can also transform into one of the living dead with the Costume Chests, which contain one of three unique costumes: Grave Robber, Royal Guard, or Skeletal Mage.

Hallowed Horns Cosmetic Set

To enhance the eerie ambiance of Hallow's Wake, players can acquire the Hallowed Horns Cosmetic Set. Available in both standard and ornamented editions, these sets can be purchased with Eternal Orbs from October 18 to November 8. The Deluxe Bundle, priced at 4,500 Eternal Orbs, offers players a plethora of items, including the Terrified animated Emoji, Hallowed Horns Banner, and the Hell Knight costume.

Returning Events and Features

Several events are making a comeback during this period:

  • Trial of the Hordes (October 13-20): Players can face off against waves of demons and climb the event's ranks.
  • All Clans on Deck (October 14-22): Rally your clan to fend off the forces of the Burning Hells.
  • Hungering Moon (October 21-27): Complete daily tasks to appease the moon's insatiable appetite.
  • Wild Brawl (October 20-27): Engage in a unique PVP event where teams of 6 explore a vast map, aiming to be the last team standing.

Feature Updates and Bug Fixes

Blizzard has also introduced several feature updates, including:

  • Class Balance: Adjustments to the Blood Knight, Necromancer, and Wizard classes to ensure balanced gameplay.
  • Replay Dungeon Option: Parties can now replay a dungeon immediately after completion.
  • Item Combat Rating: Revamped combat rating for items, affecting the difficulty of the Helliquary Gauntlet in Inferno III.
  • Shadow War Updates: Enhancements to the Shadow War mode, including increased preparation time and improved rewards.
  • Challenge Rift Monsters: Monsters in Challenge Rifts will no longer return to their starting point.
  • Paragon Trees: A new Quick Add function allows players to swiftly fill out nodes on their Paragon Trees.
  • Inventory Updates: A new Cosmetics tab has been added, and low-level Fabled Wisps can now be destroyed.

For a comprehensive list of bug fixes, players can check the official Diablo Immortal website.


Hallow's Wake promises to be a thrilling event, offering players a chance to dive deep into the lore of Diablo Immortal while earning exclusive rewards. As the nights grow darker, Sanctuary awaits the brave souls ready to face its challenges.

Source: Blizzard News.