Tuesday 19 December 2023

A Tale of Revenge in Diablo 2: Player's Eight-Month Plot Culminates in Dramatic PvP Kill

In a story that reads like a digital epic, a Diablo 2 player, KrimzontheRed, exacted a meticulously planned revenge on a fellow player, culminating in a dramatic PvP (Player vs. Player) kill. This saga, unfolding over eight months, highlights the intense emotional investment and intricate social dynamics within online gaming communities.

The Betrayal

Krimzon's journey began with a betrayal in Diablo 2's hardcore mode, where death is permanent. As a newcomer to hardcore, Krimzon sought help from the community but fell victim to a deceitful act by a group of players, led by one named Don. They tricked Krimzon into entering a dangerous teleport, leading to the instant death of his under-geared character. This event, which felt like a coordinated attack, left Krimzon seething for revenge.

The Plot for Retribution

Fast forward to September 2023, Krimzon, now seasoned in hardcore mode, encountered a player named Gwyneth, who was part of the group responsible for his initial demise. Recognizing an opportunity, Krimzon befriended Gwyneth, biding time and building trust over several months. This long con was part of a calculated plan to exact revenge.

The Execution

In December 2023, Krimzon decided it was time to strike. Joining Gwyneth's game, he carefully waited for the right moment in the terror zones. Despite a heart-racing moment when his PC crashed, Krimzon rejoined the game and executed his plan flawlessly. With a couple of whirlwind attacks, he obliterated Gwyneth's level 97 Assassin character, erasing months of the player's effort in seconds.

The Aftermath

Krimzon's act of revenge was met with mixed emotions. While he felt a sense of justice, there was also a tinge of regret for betraying a player he had befriended. His cold reply to Gwyneth's bewildered message, "Now we're even," encapsulates the complex feelings involved in this saga.

Community Reaction

The Diablo 2 community has largely celebrated Krimzon's revenge as a fitting response to hardcore player killers. This incident underscores the deep-seated animosity towards such players in the hardcore gaming community and the lengths to which some players will go for retribution.


Krimzon's story is more than just a tale of revenge; it's a reflection of the intense personal connections and rivalries that can form in online gaming. It showcases the dedication, strategy, and emotional investment that players pour into their virtual avatars, blurring the lines between game and reality. In the world of Diablo 2, as in many online games, actions have consequences, and sometimes, those consequences are plotted with the precision and patience of a grand strategist.