Wednesday 13 March 2024

Diablo 4 Community Urges Fix for The Gauntlet Exploit Ahead of Weekly Reset

In the ever-evolving world of "Diablo 4," a new challenge has emerged that goes beyond the demonic hordes of Sanctuary. Players have identified a significant exploit within The Gauntlet, a speedrun dungeon designed to test the mettle of the game's most dedicated adventurers. This exploit has led to an uproar within the community, with many calling on the developers to address the issue before the upcoming weekly server reset.

The Gauntlet: A Test of Speed and Strategy

The Gauntlet presents players with a timed, fixed-layout dungeon challenge, where the objective is to collect as many Proofs of Might as possible from defeated enemies and treasure chests within an eight-minute window. Success in The Gauntlet requires not only combat prowess but also strategic planning to optimize the route and make the most of the Shrines scattered throughout the dungeon. These Shrines provide temporary buffs that can significantly enhance a player's ability to navigate the dungeon quickly and efficiently.

Exploiting the System

However, an exploit has been discovered that allows players to enter The Gauntlet with buffs obtained from Shrines located in the open world, giving them an unfair advantage over those who enter without such buffs. This exploit has particularly benefited builds that rely heavily on specific buffs, such as Sorcerers who can utilize the unlimited mana provided by the Channeling Shrine—a buff not available within The Gauntlet itself.

Additionally, another exploit has been found that enables players to start The Gauntlet before the official timer begins, although its impact is not as pronounced as the Shrine exploit. Despite this, the cumulative effect of these exploits has been significant, leading to skewed leaderboards and frustration among the player base.

Community Calls for Action

The Diablo 4 community has been vocal in its dissatisfaction, urging the development team at Blizzard to rectify these exploits before the next weekly server reset. This reset not only refreshes the dungeon's layout but also purges the leaderboards, offering a clean slate for all players. The community's concern is that without a timely fix, the leaderboards will once again be dominated by those who have leveraged these exploits to gain an edge.

As of now, Blizzard has not publicly addressed the issue, and recent patches have not included a fix for the exploits. This silence has left many players worried that another week will pass with the exploits still in place. However, there remains hope that a hotfix could be deployed before the reset, restoring fairness to The Gauntlet's competitive landscape.


The Gauntlet was introduced as a means to challenge "Diablo 4" players in a competitive, speedrunning environment. However, the discovery of these exploits has marred the experience, highlighting the ongoing battle between game developers and players who seek to push the boundaries of the game's mechanics. As the community awaits a response from Blizzard, the integrity of The Gauntlet's leaderboards hangs in the balance, underscoring the importance of swift action to maintain a level playing field for all.