Friday 22 March 2024

Diablo Immortal Unveils the Precipice of Horror Update: A New Chapter Begins


Blizzard Entertainment has officially unveiled the roadmap for Diablo Immortal's 2024 content, starting with the eagerly awaited Precipice of Horror update launching on March 27. This update marks the beginning of the Age of Unmaking, introducing players to a series of new demonic threats and adventures in the Sanctuary. With a lineup that includes a brand-new class, a celebration of the game's second anniversary, and two main quests from the Lord of Terror, the Precipice of Horror update is set to redefine the Diablo Immortal experience.

Terror Rifts and Stygian Fragments

One of the most thrilling additions in the Precipice of Horror update is the introduction of Terror Rifts. Active daily during specific hours, these rifts will appear randomly in three zones, offering players 20-minute windows to enter and confront formidable monsters. Successful combatants will acquire Stygian Fragments, which can be sacrificed to the Stygian Spire to summon the boss. Defeating this boss rewards players with Terror Essence, among other valuable prizes.

Oblivion Pillars: The Ultimate Test

For those seeking an even greater challenge, the update introduces Oblivion Pillars, accessible near Terror Rifts spawn points and only available on Inferno Difficulty I or higher. Facing waves of supercharged monsters at these pillars offers players the chance to earn Eternal Equipment and additional rewards, testing their valor and skill in new, intense battles.

Hellslayer Bounties and Eternal Equipment

Hellslayer Bounties, available for both groups and solo players on Inferno Difficulty I and above, allow players to transform four normal, active bounties into a Hellslayer Bounty at the Bounty Board for the cost of one Terror Essence. Completing these bounties not only grants Codex credit but also a reward chest with a chance to drop Eternal Equipment, the rarest and strongest item type in Sanctuary.

A New Pool of Affixes

The update also introduces a pool of 56 new Affixes, found on items with 1-3 Magic Affixes that drop from Terror Rifts, Oblivion Pillars, and Hellslayer Bounties. This expansion of the game's itemization system promises to bring a fresh layer of depth and strategy to the equipment players can acquire and utilize in their quest to conquer the demonic hordes.


The Precipice of Horror update is a testament to Blizzard Entertainment's commitment to expanding and enriching the Diablo Immortal universe. With its array of new features, challenges, and rewards, the update invites players to dive deeper into the dark and treacherous world of Sanctuary. As the Age of Unmaking unfolds, adventurers across the globe will have the opportunity to forge new legends and battle the ever-present forces of evil in Diablo Immortal.

Stay tuned for more updates and prepare to embark on your most thrilling Diablo Immortal adventure yet with the Precipice of Horror update.