Wednesday 24 April 2024

The Diablo 4 Campaign Skip Feature Explained

Diablo 4 introduces a novel feature that has many fans excited: the campaign skip option. This new mechanism allows players who have already completed the Diablo 4 campaign with one character to bypass the story with subsequent characters. This development caters especially to veteran players who wish to explore endgame content or experiment with different character builds without replaying the entire storyline.

How Does the Campaign Skip Work?

The campaign skip option becomes available once a player has completed the Diablo 4 campaign with any character. After accomplishing this, any new characters created by the player can opt out of the linear storyline and jump directly into more advanced game content.

Criteria for Unlocking the Skip Feature

  • Complete the Campaign: Players must finish the entire main storyline with at least one character.
  • Account-Based Unlock: The feature is unlocked on an account-wide basis, meaning once one character completes the story, all characters on that account, regardless of their class, can skip the campaign.

Benefits of the Campaign Skip Feature

This feature is particularly appealing for players who enjoy multiple aspects of Diablo 4’s gameplay but may not want to experience the campaign multiple times.

Time Efficiency

  • Faster Leveling: Players can focus on activities that grant more experience points or better loot, optimizing their character development.
  • Quick Access to Endgame: Enables players to reach endgame activities, such as high-level dungeons and raids, much quicker.

Experimentation and Flexibility

  • Build Testing: Players can quickly level up new characters to test different builds and strategies without the time commitment of going through the story again.
  • Variety of Play: Provides an opportunity for players to enjoy the game’s other features, such as PvP or cooperative play, without the storyline progression requirements.

How Players Can Use the Skip Option

Upon creating a new character and entering the game, players will encounter a prompt asking if they wish to skip the campaign. If they choose to skip:

  • Starting Point: Skipped characters will begin at a specific point in the game, usually right before endgame content begins.
  • Level Adjustment: Characters may receive an automatic adjustment to their level to ensure they are adequately prepared for the challenges ahead.
  • Resource Allocation: Characters might also be granted a basic set of gear and resources to help them start off.

Community and Developer Insights

The introduction of the campaign skip feature has been largely well-received by the Diablo community, particularly by those who appreciate efficiency and flexibility in gameplay. Blizzard’s development team has expressed that this feature was implemented in response to community feedback from previous Diablo games, where players sought quicker ways to explore different character classes and builds.


The campaign skip feature in Diablo 4 represents a significant quality-of-life improvement, making the game more accessible and enjoyable for returning players. By allowing veterans to bypass the campaign on secondary characters, Blizzard not only respects the time and dedication of their players but also encourages experimentation and replayability. This feature ensures that Diablo 4 remains engaging and fresh, even for the most seasoned adventurers.

FAQs About Diablo 4's Campaign Skip Feature

  1. Will skipping the campaign affect my character’s story progression?
    • Yes, skipping the campaign means you will miss out on story-related content and achievements for that character.
  2. Can I decide to play the campaign later if I skip it initially?
    • Players can always choose to play through the campaign with new characters if they decide not to use the skip feature.
  3. Are there any disadvantages to using the campaign skip?
    • While it allows faster access to endgame, it might leave some players less familiar with their character’s abilities and nuances if they haven’t gradually leveled up.
  4. Is the campaign skip available on all platforms?
    • Yes, the campaign skip feature is available across all platforms where Diablo 4 is released.