Thursday 30 May 2024

Celebrate the Diablo Anniversary with March of the Goblins

The Diablo franchise is marking significant milestones with exciting in-game events. Diablo IV celebrates its first anniversary, while Diablo Immortal reaches its two-year mark. These celebrations feature the "March of the Goblins" event, offering players the chance to earn increased rewards and unique gifts.

Diablo IV Anniversary Celebrations

March of the Goblins Event

From June 6 to June 13, Diablo IV players will experience heightened Treasure Goblin activity, leading to richer loot and more frequent encounters. These goblins, known for their elusive nature and valuable treasures, will be more abundant during this period, providing players with ample opportunities to enhance their arsenals and gather rare items.

Special Cosmetic Gift

To commemorate this anniversary, a special cosmetic gift will be available in the Shop from June 6 to June 12. Players can claim these items until June 20, adding unique anniversary-themed cosmetics to their collections. This gift serves as a token of appreciation for the community's support and engagement over the past year.

Mother’s Blessing: Anniversary Edition

From June 13 to June 22, the "Mother’s Blessing: Anniversary Edition" event will offer players a 25% experience boost and a 50% gold increase. This period is ideal for players looking to level up quickly and amass wealth, making it a crucial time for both new and veteran players to dive into the game.

Diablo Immortal Anniversary Celebrations

Two-Year Anniversary Festivities

Diablo Immortal is celebrating its second anniversary with a host of events and rewards. The "March of the Goblins" event extends to this game as well, with increased Treasure Goblin activity from June 6 to June 13. Players can hunt these goblins for a chance to obtain rare loot and enhance their in-game progress.

Unique Rewards and Gifts

Similar to Diablo IV, Diablo Immortal will also feature special anniversary-themed rewards and gifts. These items will be available in the Shop, allowing players to commemorate the anniversary with exclusive cosmetics and bonuses.

How to Participate

Engage in In-Game Events

To participate in the "March of the Goblins" event, players simply need to log into their respective games during the event periods. Engaging in regular gameplay will naturally lead to increased encounters with Treasure Goblins and opportunities to earn special rewards.

Claim Your Gifts

Visit the in-game Shop during the specified dates to claim your anniversary-themed gifts. Be sure to log in and collect these items before the claiming period ends to add them to your collection.


The Diablo anniversary celebrations provide a fantastic opportunity for players to engage with the game, earn unique rewards, and enjoy special events. Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a new player, the "March of the Goblins" event in Diablo IV and Diablo Immortal offers something for everyone. Dive into the action, claim your gifts, and celebrate these milestones with the Diablo community.