Sunday 29 April 2012

Diablo 3 Beta Weekend Reached 300,000 Concurrent Players

Did you participate in the Diablo 3 Beta Weekend? Well, you most certainly were not the only one. I was there (as the server allowed) and my friend maxed out the beta content in just a few hours. This stress test was one excellent example of just how popular this game is.

Blizzard reported said they have 300,000 gamers in this stress test/beta weekend. Honestly, I’m not surprised at those numbers at all. What an incredible start to Blizzard’s newest game, right? 

Blizzard's community manager "Bashiok" claims on Twitter that the number of concurrent users playing the Diablo 3 beta over the weekend peaked at 300,000 gamers. The total number of users test-driving the highly-anticipated Diablo sequel is currently unknown, but Bashiok said it was "a lot."

"Every time we tried to log in this weekend and failed, we were doing our part to help Blizzard,"Forbes reports. That’s pretty much how I felt too, trying to get logged in to check out the beta. 

I didn’t mind too much since I’ve done stress tests before and I know that the purpose of them is to see if the servers can handle the load. In this case, they didn’t seem to be handling it too well but all that means is that they know exactly what they have to fix before launch day. 

Here’s waiting for May 15th when we finally get to see more of Diablo 3!