Thursday 26 April 2012

Diablo 3 World First Level 60: Athene To Go For It

Diablo 3 is coming. Are you ready? One player has plans in action for enjoying the game and also hoping to break a record. One player tells the world that he is ready to be the world’s first 60 in Diablo 3 as soon as it goes live:

“A few days ago, Athene gave viewers a heads up that he intends to go for the world first level 60 character, world first level 60 hardcore character and world first Inferno clear. Diablo 3 is currently ranked #1 for pre-orders (650k+) and the rush to 60 is not going to be easy with many players prepared to dedicate a large amount of time to the game the moment it goes live.”

Sounds interesting but none of us really know for sure how this will work in Diablo 3. Will there be an identifiable achievement or something to tell us when a person hits a goal like this. The story goes on to explain:

“As Blizzard are yet to release a list of all the achievements, it’s difficult to know if there will be one for the world first 60. Unlike WoW where world firsts were verifiable and server firsts were awarded with achievements, it’s unlikely to be a similar case with Diablo 3 given each region share the same realm. It’s obvious there will be an achievement for hitting level 60 – likely to be time stamped but that on it’s own isn’t 100% proof of a world first.”

As for me, I say good for him if he wants to be the first. It’s nice to have goals in life and in video games. While I love leveling, I don’t care so much for being the “world first” or “server first” at things because I like to take my time and really enjoy all aspects of the game. But I have a weird case of altitis where I want to have one max level of everything and I want to try every character. We all have the things that make our games special to us. So to Athene I say “Good luck!”