Tuesday 24 April 2012

Diablo III Stress Test is Literally Stressful

As gamers stress test Diablo III, they run into some very stressful situations indeed. What was meant to test the servers and see how they would hold up under heavy load could not have been better named because it was absolutely stressful trying to get into the game to experience the free beta weekend. Apparently, we had to keep with a few hundred thousand other fans to check out this sampling of the upcoming Diablo 3.

As Forbes explained, it wasn’t easy to get into the beta weekend this past weekend:

If you’ve been saddled with my bad luck you’ve likely had a tricky time trying to play the open beta of Blizzard’s Diablo 3 this weekend.
After the very large download, and probably some errors getting the launcher to work properly, and maybe a really long hang-time while it updated you may have reached the game itself only to have been met with an Error 37. 
Or some other equally irritating notice that no, you won’t be able to play because the servers are down or the player limit has been capped.
I had the same problem at first but finally was able to get in and check it out for myself. A couple of friends were also excited to check out the beta and we’re feeling a little pumped up about seeing more that the game has to offer.

I was unable to play the stress test of the game without spamming Star Game over and over in frustration until it finally decided to let me in. There were quite a few error messages, both getting in the game and once you were in but that is to be expected in a beta and a stress test.

All in all, I liked the overall look of the game and I still have plans to get it when it releases May 15th. What about you? Did you try the stress test weekend? Were you able to get in and experience the game or did you run into problems as well?