Thursday 17 May 2012

Act 3-4 Fast Items and Leveling.

This is 50% my own discoveries and 50% compilation of other people's "guides".

The fastest way I've found to level so far, while getting decent items/gold is to do this loop on Normal till you can breeze through NM, and then do it again on NM till you cna breeze through Hell.

  • Start at Act III, 7. Kill Azmodan.
  • Run by all the monsters unless you encounter elite mobs.
  • Nuke down Azmodan, then immediately bypass the cutscene with space or escape.
  • Grab his soul and your loot, then teleport back to the to the guard spamming though his dialogue with space or esc then run to the armory, then the watchtower.
  • Skip through the cut scene, then run through the portal.
  • Run up to Tyrael, spam through his dialogue then run through the portal, spam through dialogue and kill Iskatu.

Rince and repeat.

This will net you a healthy amount of XP, gold, items, and is higher XP/h than just Azmodan or Isatu runs.

Edit: Here is a video