Wednesday 16 May 2012

Diablo 3 Not-So-Cow Level

This is why blizzard is amazing. They are trolling all of the people nerd raging over ERMAGAHD DA GAME NOT DARK ENUFF OMGZ!!! I love that they delivered a dark and serious game but still add some levity and trolling, even more so because all the overly morose, take themselves too seriously die hards are raging about it.

Side note: There is no 'king' and the items you need to get there aren't wasted. In other words it's repeatable at no cost.

Here is how to get there:
First you need the scematic which is a pretty common drop off Izual in act 4. Then you need 5 items: Wirt's Bell: Buy off the little girl at the bazaar in act2 for 100k Black Mushroom: First lvl of the cathedral in act 1. Leoric's Shinbone: At the firstplace in Leoric's Mansion. Liquid Rainbow: act 2 oasis, there is a random event in the south that spawns an alchemist. If you help him he will reveal a mystery cave, its in the mystery chest. Gibbering Gemstone: act 3 in the field of siege engines there is a cave, sometimes you find a rare boss named Chiltara that drops it on lvl2 of that cave. If you have all this you need 50k to craft it, then take the staff to Old Tristram and walk back to the town. You will see the cowking here:


  • Black Mushroom - Act 1 - Next to Adrias House
  • Leroic's Shinbone - Act 1 - In Leorics Mansion Fireplace "Random Spawn"
  • Liquid Rainbow - Act 2 - Dahlgur Oasis, find Zaven the Alchemist and enter the Mysterious Cave, then find the Mysterious Chest.
  • Gibbering Gemstone - Act 3 - In Caverns of Frost, dropped by Chiltara. "Random Spawn"
  • Wirt's Bell - Act 2 - Bought from the Little Girl in the City cost's 100k

If you have the staff in your inventory you can do this like any other bonus area. The staff doesn't go away.