Sunday 6 May 2012

Diablo 3 high level skills (New non-blizz video)

This video is not actual gameplay nor is it some really old footage. It was taken using the d3 emulator mooege. The lag is from the emulator as it uses a lot of resources and is not representative of the beta or the final game product. The item drops is obviously not representative of the final product either. Most of the visuals are in fact accurate but there is a process in getting the actual skills and visuals to look right in the emulator so as some noted a few might be a tad buggy looking or unfinished. The process of getting skills to work both in animation and visually is not simply a data-mining process.

First clip: This is what it looks like when you gain sixty levels in one second.
Rest is putzing around with runes. The DH in the video is such a badass that he slowjams combat.

Hate to admit it as he's my least favorite but I had a lot of fun with the WD. I could see a petless build being fun, and I really love acid cloud in all of its forms. The spitting rune is a little buggy in the emulator but eh. I just now saw the name for one of its runes, "Lob Blob Bomb" which I think is a bit of a spoof on the character "Bob Loblaw" from Arrested Development, probably the greatest name ever conceived. Bob Loblaw lobs law bomb. Bob Loblaw lobs blob bomb?

Nothing beats the wizard for me, though.