Sunday 6 May 2012

Diablo in Five Minutes

With Diablo III on the horizon, we thought we'd take a quick look back at the series and get you caught up on the story so far. Watch the video, relive some good memories of adventures past and get ready for Diablo III!

As an avid Diablo player, it's so much fun to see my hours summed up in 5 minutes. Oh, how I've spent my life well.

this recap is OK for someone who just wants to breeze through the game, but the pre-D1 recap is extremely oversimplified. He starts off: "Long ago, the great conflict between the light and darkness spilled into the mortal realm", which is pretty darn oversimplified. I'm not going to go into great detail, because others do it so much better, but here are some cliffs notes.

Long ago, there was no mortal realm. The light and dark clashed, and a few from both sides got fed up with the whole shenanigan and stole the worldstone to create the mortal realm (mortals are demon/angel hybrids, long story). They lived in peace for a while, until eventually the hells found out about it, and banished a few of their top people to the mortal world to keep them out of the picture. the exiled demons came up with a plan figuring the mortals would be better off serving them. The heavens found out and almost decided that the mortals would all be better off dead, but lucky for us tyreal put a stop to that. The exiled demons gained favor back with the ones who exiled them, and they're all trying to use humans for their side of the war now. Tyreal is trying to stop this, we don't know exactly what the rest of the heavens opinions are on the mortal world at the moment, some of them still seem to want them dead...