Sunday 20 May 2012

Diablo 3 Selling gold for money Guide

The most common way to make money from Diablo 3 will be to gather gold and then cash out by selling the gold on the real money auction house. In this chapter, I would like to go over the ins and outs of trading gold for real money, as well as discuss tips for maximizing your profits.

This chapter will be very newbie friendly as well as go into detail about how pro players can turn their gold into cash for far more than what the average player does.

Let’s get started!
To sell gold, it is recommended that you also keep track of the price of gold throughout the week. You need to learn when it goes up, when it goes down, and when you want to jump into the market for maximum profit. The price of gold will fluctuate wildly, so it’s important that you try your best to get a rough understanding of when the swings occur.

Tracking the price of gold will take you literally 30 seconds. Here’s how you do it.

Search on the RMAH for gold in stacks of 1x1000, 10x1000, 100x1000, and 1000x1000. Write down in a spreadsheet or even on paper what the price was for each of those search queries. This will give you an idea of how the market looks right now. The most important number is the 1000x1000. That’s a pretty good indication of the average value of gold across the board. If you were to list right now, it’s probably a good estimate of what you could sell your gold for. Before selling any gold, I recommend one full week of recording prices.

Once you have a nice collection of data you can begin selling gold with a little more confidence. Once again, when you want to sell, record the price of several stacks of gold. Depending on how “busy” a time of day it is will determine if you go by the 10x1000 or 1000x1000 price. If it’s prime time, then go by the 1000x1000 price. If it’s the morning and few are on, go by the 10x1000 price.

To list your gold, you need to understand the rules behind selling it. In order to successfully list an auction of any amount of gold, the total price of your stack must be equal to or greater than $1.00. Here are some examples:

  • 4x1000 gold must sell for 25 cents or more per thousand.
  • 10x1000 gold can sell for 10 cents or more per thousand.
  • 1000 gold has to be $1.00 or higher.
  • 100,000 gold could sell for as low as 1 cent per thousand.

How much gold should you sell at a time? As much as you want! But do yourself a favor and sell it all in one auction. If a portion of your gold sells but not all of it, then you will get a refund on the gold that didn’t sell. So there’s no reason why you wouldn’t want to sell ALL of the gold you have set aside to be used for this purpose. Otherwise you’re just wasting auction space. Unless of course you use the following method...

A clever and optional strategy for selling gold is to split up your gold into an series of equally sized auctions. Let’s say you have 100,000 gold and you place your auctions up in 10,000 gold auctions. Next, you would price them ascending from the minimum amount you want to sell for to a much higher amount. Let’s say the price of gold is $2.50. You could sell a stack starting at $2.00, then increase it by 10 cents all the way up to $3.00. You are basically diversifying your gold and giving yourself a better chance of selling it than just placing the whole lot up for $2.75.

For each of your auctions, don’t forget to choose the option to send your earnings to paypal instead of your blizzard balance. You will have to do this for every single auction you create.

Selling gold is NOT the only way to make money in Diablo 3. You can potentially make far more cash selling weapons and armor. Why? Because the fee structure is different. While gold has a 15% fee for successful auctions, weapons and armor have a $1.00 fee.

Once you go beyond $8.50, weapons and armor become a massive earner as compared to selling gold. With a $8.50 listing, you send $7.50 to your paypal (minus additional 15% paypal fees). As compared to gold, $8.50 worth of gold would cost you $1.28 in fees, and it only gets worse after that. A $15 item costs you $1.00 in fees, while $15 in gold would cost you $2.25 in fees. See how much of a difference this can be?

So a very simple strategy is to buy items from the gold auction house and sell them for lots of money on the RMAH. The more valuable the item, the more money you’ll save on fees that you would have paid just selling the gold equivalent.

The downside to selling weapons/armor instead of gold is that sometimes it takes a little longer. I would recommend being patient and going for the higher payouts if you want to make the most money. If you are reinvesting your earnings back into Diablo 3's economy, then I would recommend using the blizzard balance and diversifying what you sell to include items, crafting materials, and gold.