Sunday 20 May 2012

How to triple your experience from Diablo 3 Quests

Here is a small trick courtesy of Diablo 3 Hero ( Try it out, they have a 60 day full refund!). This trick is easy, but requires that you can get a friend to help you - you only need one.

Here is a run down of the triple EXP Method:

  1. Kill a boss for a quest ((Say azmodan NM for 88k exp))
  2. Leave the game w/o turning in quest. ((Your friend stays in game.))
  3. Make your own game using resume game, turn in the quest.
  4. Return to your old game. Your friend now leaves the old game & makes a new game.
  5. Turn in quest a second time in your old game. ((The one he was babysitting))
  6. Join your friends new game, and turn it in for one final time.

In this method, you turn in the quest 3 times from a single kill. ---- Though your friend only gets 1 turn in

Round Robin Method ((Both you and your friend get 2 turnins)) :

  • Steps 1-4 are all the same.
  • 5. Wait in the old game while your friend turns his quest in, in his private game.
  • 6. Your friend returns to your game that you were babysitting, and you both turn the quest in for your second time.

Triple exp = great to power lvl friends if you're lvl 60 already.
Round Robin = Good for you and a buddy if you're both leveling.