Sunday 17 June 2012

4Chan is at it Again with Diablo 3

Many see 4Chan as the definition of Internet troll. They’ve certainly done enough to earn their reputation and it’s not new to see 4Chan members messing around in video games since many are players themselves. I’ve seen them troll in first-person shooters, MMORPGs and even in console games, Internet forums and gamer forums and more. It seems they are at it again now with Diablo III. 

The original thread on the official forums has since been deleted but the remnants remain on Reddit as players discuss how a Sherlock Holmes Kid Figured it all Out and the fingers of blame get pointed back to 4Chan once again. 

It all centers around a massive gold dupe that got the community in an uproar but the real question was whether or not there ever was a gold dupe. 

One poster seems to have it all figured out:

What if Blizzard really is 4chan and they decided to make the Diablo trilogy and wanted to finish the troll job in the 3rd game by causing a gold dupe which would enrage everyone and make some highly comedic value rage threads by the fans.
B is the SECOND letter of the alphabet, in the word Blizzard there are two z's.
2 + 2 = Blizzard is 4chan
nice try trying to clean up the paper trail and smearing the evidence.

They did something similar to this in SWTOR, as some of you might remember. It was basically a concerted effort to accused BioWare of incorrectly banning accounts and other such nonsense to get the community stirred up. 

Do you think this type of trollery is all in good fun or do you find it hurts the spirit of the community in the game?