Sunday 17 June 2012

Diablo 3 Barbarian Max Damage Two-Handed Build

In this post we are going to give you another build that is courtesy of the guys over at and this build is for the Barbarian and will help you on the way to Inferno. We recommend using this build while leveling up to Inferno but not for an Inferno build.

This build will give you very high damage and takes advantage of a dual wield set up so it is a two handed build:

Diablo 3 Barbarian Two-Handed Max Damage Leveling Build

Basically the main focus of the build is on damage and what really make the build work are the passives that complement the main skill slots and depending on what weapon you pick you will get different perks such as critical chance or more damage.

Another thing to bear in mind about this build is that it does give you a bit of extra power as you will be able to stun mobs a little. When you get to Inferno you are FAR better going for a “high stun” build if you want any chance to survive!

So give this build a go if you want some extra damage while you are leveling or if you need some help taking on those mobs of hell!

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