Sunday 24 June 2012

Act 1 inferno - Elite pack farm

After the patch 1.0.3 Act 1 inferno, can now drop items level 63 gear. That’s what we all want and grave …

Since act 1 inferno is so much easier than act 2, 3 and 4 – Many prefer this method of farming.

But how to get the most out of the time spent? – Well you need to find the elites packs, and in Act 1 they are pretty much in the same place J

So you need a “farm route” – And here is one way to do it.

We assume that you can kill the butcher, since this is a farm route. So you also have all the quests done, and have all the waypoints.

To start, select quest 9, part 2. The imprisoned Angel – The cursed hold. This will give access to the warden part.

Once in the game, take the waypoint (WP) “The festering woods” and head left, towards “the warriors rest” On your way there, you will most likely run in to your first pack, but look around, before you enter the warriors rest. But don’t spend too much time doing so…

Once inside you are guaranteed a pack, kill and town portal (TP) out. WP to “The festering woods” and head right. If you are lucky, you will run into another pack, before entering “Crypt of the ancients” In the crypt you will kill another pack.

TP to town, and WP to “Leoric’s Manor” and go inside the manor (working backwards) Inside the manor, an elite can spawn, if you are lucky. Next, go outside the manor, to the courtyard (Front door, still working backwards). Outside there should be at least 1 pack, perhaps 2, so down run around too much! J

You should be on a 5 stack by now! – Let the guaranteed rare drops start rolling in.

Next we go to the “Cemetery of the Forsaken” Go into all the crypts, and you might also encounter a pack near the middle of the cemetery. All the crypts have at least 1 pack! - When running around the crypt and encounter a level 2, don’t waste your time in there, just run back or TP out and continue. If you run into any events, do them.

After this TP to “Halls of Agony level 2” look for the exit and kill the pack if you run into it. Don’t waste your time, looking for the pack, just the exit. Next is the “Highland passage” not much here, just move along to “The Cursed hold”.
Inside the cursed hold, you need to do the quest, kill the pack and then “The warden”.

Then level 3, find the entrance to “The Butcher” and kill.
If you got the gear, and the “Staff of warding” you can take your 5 stacks into the pony level. If you have trouble with act 2, you can’t survive in here. If not you are done.

It should net you around 20 - 30 rare items, chances are that 1-2 of them is pretty decent.

Small tip, if you have the time, chance your items to MF, just prior to the kill of elites. Practice abit and you should get the hang of it. Start with you biggest MF items, Amulet (max 40%) and Helmet (around 15% and a socket around 19%) nets the biggest MF. – Oh and get movement speed on your boots …

Good luck out there !