Monday 25 June 2012

Kripp with some cool Diablo 3 end game ideas!

Kripp earned some points in my eyes for this video. He's saying what everybody else is thinking. This game has a serious end-game problem. People need extrinsic motivation to keep playing this game outside of "fun." Because in games like these that fun is going to be derived from a sense of accomplishment and the progress toward a goal. Finding a slightly better bracer is not a goal, it's a means to a goal.

I really hope Blizzard has a hard long reconsideration about their end-game, because it seriously seems like they feel champ pack hunting / gear farming is it, and it needs to be more deep than that. It's so hard to understand how they could imagine this as a true successor to Diablo II without the core component which made Diablo II such a mainstay. How could they not understand that ladders were the reason people kept playing.

Now they have an opportunity to build on concepts and lessons learned from World of Warcraft to bring us a truly exciting PvP experience. I want to believe they will do it right, but I am worried that Kripp is right. I'm worried that they're going to throw a 60% damage reduction on all abilities and call it a day.

Please don't let us down Blizzard! The core mechanics of this game are compelling. Now give me a reason to continue enjoying them. That might sound counter-intuitive, but it's honest.

An aside: I really enjoyed how excited he got about the game when discussing his ideas towards the end. That's the excitement of somebody who cares about games and gaming. I felt like I could relate to his excitement and was right there with him.