Sunday 3 June 2012

Awesome Farming ACT 3 Buff Nephalem x5 Resplendent chest 700k+ per hour

I want to share my farming spot (averaging 700k gold per hour) that can be utilized by ranged characters.

The Fortified Bunker on Act 3 contains:

  • Resplendent Chest 80% of the time
  • 1-3 Elites
  • A door (crucial for the farming method)
  • You can take Tyrael at the quest "Kill the Siegebreaker" (Tyrael can block ennemies and deal 50k damage second)
  • Resplendent chest can be spawn at lv1 & 2

Begin the quest on Act 3.
  • - Start War Engine (the Quest after GHOM)
  • - Look for the Fortified Bunker that I have labeled on this map:
  • Clear the instance. At the end of the instance, just before the resplendent chest, there are elites to be found.
  • Use the door in the following picture to safely range DPS down the elites.

For any waypoint :
In Eu > Drakke#2184 (25K PO because this spot is huge)

From one hour of farming, I've gotten:
  • 1 set
  • 2 Legendaries
  • ~24 item golds
  • Many blues
  • ~700k PO