Monday 4 June 2012

Power Leveling Guide 1 - 60

This little guide was made by a good friend of the blog.  Check it out

To get the most out of this tip, you first and foremost need a high level friend. This friend is going to do the killing. Then 2 other friends, the level of those doesn’t really matter, but sub 60 is best, since they also get XP.

To start off, you can go normal difficulty, but later you will need nightmare and perhaps hell. But switch over to those setting when the XP stop increasing.

Ok, the quest is Act II part 8 step 3 (The black soulstone).

Now to the tricky part, and you need to hold focus here.
Your team is 4 players, and we are going to name them, so we can tell them apart.

  1. Grunskulle (Your level 60 player)
  2. Migidiot (That’s you, the weaker dude :P)
  3. Timeflake
  4. Dr.Roth

Now you are set, so let’s begin.

Grunskulle makes the game, everybody enters the game. Grunskulle goes down and kills the boss. (Zoltun Kulle). You don’t have to accept the boss event. If the players don’t have the waypoint, “flag-down” t o Grunskulle. But do not, NOT, take the soulstone.

When the boss is killed, and the quest is updated. Everybody, except Grunskulle, leaves the game.
You, Timeflake and Dr.Roth resumes the game, the next part happens in steps, to get the most out of the trick.

Now there are 4 games running, so we need to turn the quest in, but again in steps.

You go down and get the soulstone, to ticker the next part of the quest.
You can now talk to Adria, to finish the quest and get the xp.
Leave your game and join Timeflakes game, he will then get the soulstone. Then you leave Timeflakes game and resume the game. Then you turn in the quest and get the xp.
Then go back to Timeflakes game, and guess what, turn in the quest, and get the xp.

Now it will get interesting…

You and Timeflake go in to Dr.Roths game, he will get the soulstone, Timeflake and you leave the game, and resumes. You turn in the quest, get the xp. Leave and go to Timeflakes game, you both turn in (xp). You both leave and go to Dr.Roths game and you all turn in the quest. (xp)

Then you go back to the original game (Grunskulles), Grunskulle gets the soulstone, and You, Timeflake and Dr.Roth leaves. All players resumes, you turn in the quest (xp), and leaves. Go to Timeflakes game, turn in and xp. You and Timeflake goes to Dr.Roths game, turns in (xp) and you three goes to Grunskulles game, turns in and xp for the last time.

I did type xp a lot, but is just to visualize the amount of turn-ins you get from this. I count 11 ! And yes you also get gold from this ! So that’s not bad at all. The xp for the turn-in scale with level, at level 12 it’s 7700 xp and 980 gold. At level 13 it’s 8050 xp and 1000 gold. 14 = 8400 xp and 1020 gold.

And all you have to do now, in rinse and repeat.

Good luck out there !