Tuesday 12 June 2012

Diablo III Farmer makes 60 Million Gold an Hour

One gold farmer makes millions of gold per hour in Diablo III and shows you exactly how he does it in a YouTube video. This is actually pretty interesting when you think about it. No matter how you feel about gold farmers in MMOs, you have to look with at least a bit of awe at what this guy is actually doing.

This from Cinema Blend:

An alleged Chinese gold farmer has come forward to talk with Markee Dragon, a video game enthusiast who has been investigating the mass amount of Diablo III account infiltration claims. Turns out, a lot of accounts that have been farmed were due to using the same username/passwords in forums and fansites, and this particular gold farmer is making 4 million gold an hour off these compromised accounts.

With the incredible fame and popularity of D3 and the compromised accounts, it’s no surprise that someone would find a way to exploit the situation. In fact, I’m willing to bet he is not the only one farming using these methods but he might be one of the top in terms of earnings. 

The article continues:

Mr. Gold also points out that there are other hackers, farmers, botters and spammers he wants Blizzard to get rid of. They're cramping his style, apparently. Officially he calls it "over-inflating" the gold economy. He wants Blizzard to update their security protocol named Warden to weed out the small-time bots and gold farmers who are eating into his profits. He's assured that his methods are mostly undetectable for the next couple of months, but by then they will already have enough gold to make millions in real-life money.

You have to laugh a little at this guy and the fact that he openly admits to being on basically 24/7 and says that Blizzard has never said anything to him and he thinks Blizz should go after the real “bad guys”. I wonder if he will get shut down now that he has gone public with his farming methods?