Tuesday 12 June 2012

Bored with Diablo 3? Here are some ideas for you

I don't get the people who claim that the game is over for you if you beat it on inferno, or people who are bored. I'm not at the "end" yet myself (Farming Act 1 inferno), but I have a long list of things I want to do. And they are going to keep me occupied for a long time.

  1. You know there are 4 other classes you can level to 60 and attempt to beat inferno with, right?
  2. Being able to barely beat Diablo inferno, and having the gear to put a beatdown on everything you encounter in Act IV inferno are two vastly different things. I look forward to doing timed speed runs of each act of inferno and constantly trying to beat my record.
  3. I wanna try out weird builds with every class, which will probably require long periods of time gaining weird gear specific to the weird build. All-thorns Monk. Ranged Barbarian. Melee Wizard.
  4. PVP. Just because it's not out yet doesn't mean you can't start collecting gear for it.
  5. Beating inferno with a hardcore character. First I gear a softcore character well enough that he has little risk of dying in Inferno Act IV. Then I play a hardcore character until it has the same stats as that softcore character and beat inferno on hardcore. This will take a LOT of time.
  6. Unlock Whimseyshire on all difficulties.

If none of these things sound fun to you then I am very sorry that Diablo couldn't be what you hoped it would be, but it's not the game for you because these things are what it is about.