Friday 15 June 2012

MONK: Unlimited "Near Death Experience"

I went farming in act 3, for the resplended chests with my 322% magic find as I stepped over a very mysterious, yet funny bug.

As we all know "Near Death Experience" is a passive buff, that makes us "absorb" the killing blow on us, and knocks all enemies away when procced.

Besides it also restores our HP and Spirit to 35% (afaik).

This does normally have a 2 minute cooldown, but heres the bug.

They fixed it, so when you die it resets the cooldown on the spell.
Now heres the funny thing.

If you Zone our while you have the debuff, it will remove the debuff, and you are to use it once again instanty.
So if you find, say, an elite pack, you get the pack low, and are all out of cooldowns.
Simply fight the mobs close to a "door/zone" and go ind, and back out, to have it procced again.
Free spirit and HP.