Friday 15 June 2012

Monks: Gold Find Farming Build, 300-400k an hour

This is a build I came up with for monks struggling to find a place to farm to get past A2-A3 Inferno. With the Crypts patched, the most effective place to gold find I found is NM Core of Arreat (Act 3 - Heart of Sin [Kill Azmodan]). Right now normal people can get this run done in around 2 minutes just killing the monsters, which would give a net profit of 200-300k an hour. With this build I'm able to finish runs in ~1:30 including opening every chest and demonic vessel (pots), calculating to be 300-400k an hour. So without any further introduction I'll skip the shitting and get to the point.

The build:

This build essentially combines tempest rush with spirit regeneration skills in order to allow you to rush your way throughout the strip. I have MoH specced to give +3 spirit per second and the passive to add +2 on top of that. On the gold find helmet and weapon (shitty 700 dps blue fist I bought for 40k) I have ~4 spirit per second and the tempest rune to reduce it to 8 seconds to channel. Due to the way the spirit regeneration adds up I only have ~8 spirit regeneration so I still lose 2 spirit per second but with the large pool I can still power my way throughout the entire run.


The gold find gear I have has a total of ~200% GF and ~25 gold pickup radius. I bought this all for about 150k total and tried to get just a few dex for damage, with this shitty set of gear on I have around 700 dex.

The run:
Basically you start up NM Act 3 - Heart of Sin on the last part, Kill Azmodan. You can do the first run by killing your way through to the end and hitting the checkpoint at the door from azmodan. From there you make a new game and it'll drop you right at the door and you can start doing it backwards everytime. Essentially you pop the mantra and summon the ally (I'm still experimenting with this third skill slot) and tempest rush your way to the first group of mobs. I pop sweeping winds when I see enough monsters that my tempest won't kill it.

The method I have for keeping my sweeping wind and spirit up is by killing monsters with FoT everytime I stop for a pot or a chest. 2-3 punches gets me enough spirit to easily get to the next pit stop leaving extra in case my wind stops. The radius of fire storm covers almost the entire width of the map so I prefer it over blade storm or the extended duration ones. I also stop rushing to kill elites (also to charge up my spirit).

Technical things:
  • Tempest rushing through the large groups of spiders yields quite a bit of gold
  • Click on every chest and demonic vessel, they give 200-500 gold usually.
  • Make sure your fire storm radius hits the bone piles ant hill looking things, those give 200-400 gold very often as well
  • Very often goblins spawn in this run, kill them with FoT
  • Succubus are annoying to deal with, if one runs away from you don't waste time trying to kill it.
I think that's about it I hope this helps you struggling monks!