Thursday 19 July 2012

Demon Hunters have awesome options. Let's talk under-appreciated skills!

The thing I love about my Demon Hunter is that there are so many viable choices available. For a couple weeks, I've been trying a different build every time I go farming, to keep things interesting and find options I've overlooked. (I usually do Act 2, but most of these have been good for Act 3 as well.)
Like always, if you're trying these skills, make sure to combine them with others whose strengths compliment their weaknesses. A good AoE pairs well with a single-target attack and so on.
Here are some skills that I don't hear much love for, but are actually quite good:
  • Hungering Arrow - Cinder Arrow - Everybody knows this does less damage than Devouring Arrow (the difference is quite small, however, if DA is additive, and the vastly improved reliability can put CA ahead sometimes). What most people don't know is that CA has double the proc coefficient (1.3 total per impact versus 0.65!) If you have decent Life on Hit, this thing is a fucking wellspring of life. That also makes it superb with Night Stalker.
  • Entangling Shot - Chain Gang - The amount of crowd control this skill offers is great. Snaring on every shot gives you a lot of control over an encounter. If you're hitting the full 4 targets, it's also quite decent damage. Because of the way the chains spread, it's very useful for doing multi-target damage in situations where other skills would have problems, like spreading to enemies behind Waller obstacles. Pair it with Cull the Weak for another 15% damage, an excellent boost for your traps as well. Cull + Frost Arrow + Chain Gang is a great combo.
  • Rapid Fire - Fire Support - Standing still is a liability, but for 333% damage before Ballistics, it can be worth it (when the rockets aren't off targeting crates, that is.)
  • Bola Shot - Imminent Doom - This is a pretty good skill in raw numerical terms. Where it can be frustrating is that, to make the most of it, you really want to apply it to different targets, but it's very common for other enemies to run in front of your target. Still, quite a decent skill.
  • Razor Disk & Covering Fire - I'm not sure these belong here, as they're just plain great core skills. Covering Fire is great for just about everything as long as you work with the backflip instead of against it. Take Tactical Advantage and use the flip as a chance to reposition, don't just dump all your discipline auto-attacking at close range. The speed advantage is particularly nice because, unlike snares, it's not nerfed against Inferno elites.
  • Grenades - Gas Grenades - The skill of choice for LoH tank builds.
  • Spike Trap - Sticky Trap - Not useful for as many situations as Scatter, but this is still a lot of fun to use and quite powerful. Fun times against Illusionists. Bring a bat to fund the hate cost.
  • Multishot - Fire at Will - Most of the Multishot runes are awful, but the half-cost one is actually usable. Fire from a distance to take advantage of the huge spread.
If you've found a good way to take advantage of an under-used skill, post it here!